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Tangible Love

This evening I was blessed to attend the wedding of a good friend who I worked with at the church years ago. I always admired what a strong, independent woman she is and never even saw her dating during the years I knew her. So when she told me she was getting married, I was surprised. I saw photos of the two of them together and could see the love between them. When I went to the church, I saw the bride just as she was finishing getting ready for her wedding. I gave her a quick hug and went on my way before I started to tear up. She had waited many years for this day and I was just so happy for her. She walked down the aisle and started crying as she took the hand of her soon to be husband. The ceremony was beautiful, intimate, and emotional. The presiding priest knew her well, so could speak very personally and even started crying himself. Family and friends were servers, lectors, and musicians. Two of her sisters and her mother sang a beautiful trio dedicated to Our Mother Mary. The reception was equally as personal. He donned his kilt and they were led in by the bagpipes. She sang a song to him and he responded with enthusiasm. Then he had prepared 2 songs and passed out lyrics for audience participation. She was absolutely giddy. It was such a joy-filled evening. My friend remained steady on the course for years as she anticipated the man who she would spend her life with. Now that the day had come, the love and faith they shared was evident and tangible as it flowed out to everyone celebrating with them.

I Found God today in the incredible joy, love, and faith celebrating my friend’s wedding.

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