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I spent the past week visiting many people and spending time with my far away family. For some reason, I was very aware of all the different lifestyles. There were newlyweds, single people living on their own, young couples with babies, parents helping their kids with their kids, parents helping their parents, those flourishing in long marriages, those struggling trying to make it on their own, and so on. These were just a few of the lives that I was blessed to enter into. And each had their joys and their struggles. None could say that or if they were better or worse off than the other. I came away with a new perspective. While we are all living our own different lifestyles, we are all still intimately connected with one another. These lifestyles change as time goes on and our situations or priorities change. But each of us is called to be the best person we can in our current lifestyle, with the people we are connected to right now. I was happy to make it home safe today after a long day of travel. My dad thanked me for returning.

I Found God today realizing the blessings of different lifestyles.

2 comments on “Back to Lifestyle

  1. And we are all blessed to have you in our lives😘


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