All Fixed

We started today with a cardiology appointment for both my mom and dad. Unfortunately, their doctor was unable to see them as he was at the hospital “saving someone’s life” as we were told by his nurse. So, really that was unfortunate for us but extremely fortunate for the other person. An NP stood in for him and spent a long time with us going over medications and any concerns. After all was said and done, she made no changes and gave us things to watch for. She also sent a note to their doctor with a question she did not know the answer to and called us about an hour later with the response. It was a productive appointment, even though they didn’t see their regular doctor. In the afternoon, we went to the hearing aide doctor as my mom was having a little trouble with her new hearing aides. The doctor adjusted the devices and replaced a couple parts. She also changed some pieces in my dad’s hearing aides. Both of my parents are now able to hear much better. After that appointment, we went to the small appliance repair shop. My dad has an electric shaver that had not been doing it’s job. He was in and out in about 10 minutes. The technician replaced a part and the shaver now works like new. And it cost a fraction of what a new one would be. It was an overall productive day getting things fixed.

I Found God today getting things fixed and in the people who fixed them.

2 comments on “All Fixed

  1. Such great news when you have a productive day! Your parents are so blessed to have you to coordinate all the things that need to be done. Even something as small as a shaver can make a great impact on somebody’s day.
    Thank you for understanding what happens in a doctor’s office when the provider you’re supposed to see isn’t available. A lot of people are hesitant to see a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant in lieu of the doctor. Working in a Urological surgeons office, this happens quite often. People are understandably disappointed, but every once in a while I get somebody who totally understands it. I once had to explain to a gentleman who is expecting to see his doctor , that the doctor was on call at the hospital and at that moment operating on a patient with a very serious emergency medical situation. This gentleman gracefully commented that, ” itcould have been me. I will say a prayer for his patient”.
    Mid-level medical providers such as Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants work very closely with your doctor. When you see one of them, the doctor reviews the visit, so you are covered on all bases. I am thankful for the wonderful mid-levels who work with our physicians and take care of our patients.


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