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2 Orchestras

Yesterday, my son took me to see one of our favorite concerts – Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was phenomenal. To me, it’s pretty amazing how they can tell the same Christmas story with the same music each year, but introduce new ways of presenting the program. The second half of the show includes various music from their other albums and is different each year, incorporating new, exciting elements. This year, along with the pyrotechnics, laser lights, projected images, and lighted rods, a giant double Tesla coil emerged from the back of the seating area. The group also has a non-apologetic Christian message. To me, Trans-Siberian Orchestra demonstrates all the best of a rock concert. Today, I took my parents to the local Philharmonic Symphony. The guest trumpet player who has won international recognition, was unbelievable. I have never heard such a beautiful tone from a trumpet. Most of the program had a Cuban feel complete with maracas and bongos. At times it was difficult to see the movements of the musician’s fingers as they flew over the trumpet keys. The concert was inspiring and uplifting. I’m not sure how I got so lucky to experience 2 completely different, yet amazing orchestras in 2 days, but it felt like a celebration.

I Found God today experiencing the talents of amazing musicians.

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