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Playing Wii

It has been a long time since we played the Wii. The cold and snowy weather today kept us in, so we took the opportunity and turned on the game. I started playing and could definitely tell that I was out of practice. Then my mom got on for a while. She decided she wanted to work on the balancing exercises. We put a chair in front of her to hold on to if needed. It was difficult for her as she hit soccer balls, did slalom skiing, walked a tightrope, and caught fish while standing on an ice berg dressed as a penguin. She was a little sad at the low scores she was receiving. Then she played the game that you had to get balls to drop into holes while on a tilted platform. She was a pro and got one of the highest scores. She proved that even when you think you can’t do anything well, there is still something that you can do as a pro.

I Found God today in my persistent pro mom.

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