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Coffeemaker Miracle

About 25 years ago, my siblings and I pitched in and bought my parents a fancy coffeemaker. It has different settings for regular coffee, espresso, beans or ground, and can even make froth for a cappuccino. My dad has been vigilant about cleaning it and taking care of it, but recently it has been giving him problems. Today he descaled it according to the prompts. When it was finished, it said to empty the grounds container. When he opened it to do so, the inside of the machine looked very wrong. Parts were not where they belonged and they were jammed in tight. We were very puzzled about the whole thing and spoke to my siblings who did not know what happened or what to do. We tried to move things a little, but were afraid to break it. Finally, my dad shut the door and walked away. We decided to go to Mass this afternoon, so after taking one last look at the machine, we headed out. When we returned, I asked my dad if he received any inspiration at church. He said he did and he prayed for a miracle. He opened the door to the coffeemaker and to our surprise, everything was just as it should be. We were shocked. My dad made a couple cups of coffee to try it out and it worked fine. Even though a coffeemaker seems trivial and our God is a big God, he can certainly care for us in the small details of our lives.

I Found God today in a coffeemaker miracle.

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