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4-Wheel Drive

It snowed a couple of days ago and my parents and I thought today would be a good day to go to the cabin. The sun had melted off quite a bit of the snow in the city and the roads were completely clear, so we figured the roads to the cabin would be fine. All the roads were as expected until we reached the less traveled road that led directly to the house. It was not plowed at all, which is very unusual. Luckily, we brought the Trailblazer. There are full time residents at the end of the road who left tire tracks, so I figured I would just follow them. I put the Blazer in 4 wheel drive high gear and headed down the winding, snow covered dirt road. It did fine and a lower gear kept it from going too fast down the hill. We opted to park at the top of the steep driveway to avoid any potential problems and shoveled a path leading from the car to the front door. After enjoying the day, it was time to head home. However, the vehicle being parked on a slight incline wouldn’t budge. I put it in the 4 wheel drive low gear and that got it moving. Now instead of slowly going downhill, we had to climb up the snowy road. We came to the spot that has always given us troubles in the past with its banked uphill turns. Just as I thought we were home free, we slid and slowed until we were just spinning the tires. I stopped completely and switched gears again to 4 wheel drive high. We started moving forward again. I gave it enough gas to get us up and out without sliding off the road. Success. I was grateful for all that experimental driving I did as a teenager that helped me know how to navigate the situation.

I Found God today knowing how to drive safely out of a snowy road.

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