Blessings in a Difficult Day

Thanking God my sister is here! During the night – 1:00 am – she heard a thud and woke me up. We went upstairs and found dad on the bedroom floor. He said he felt weak, his legs gave way, and he collapsed. He couldn’t get back up. We called 911 and got him to the hospital where they found a brain bleed. He was losing some strength on the left side of his body, but conscious, aware, and answering all the questions. They started giving him the appropriate medication right away. During the day he was visited by all kinds of specialists. His favorite doctor came by and encouraged him even though he didn’t need to be there. A Eucharistic minister also came by. I was able to receive Communion and we prayed for my dad while he slept. All in all he is doing pretty good. We are grateful for a quick diagnosis, speedy treatment, caring professionals, and the ability to receive Jesus and know that He is present here.

I Found God today in many blessings during a difficult day.

2 comments on “Blessings in a Difficult Day

  1. Oh no, Tammy! I’m so sorry! Will keep your dad, you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!! 🙏✝️😘


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