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Tough Day

It was a very tough day today. My dad is doing better physically, so was transferred out of the ICU last night. When we arrived in the room, I pointed out how wonderful it was, said good night and went home. When my mom and I arrived this morning, my dad was upset. He was confused about where he was and why he has to be there. He just wants to go home. It was a difficult day. When I left for a while, my sister stayed and let me know what he was saying. On the drive back, I prayed about how to talk with him. When I walked in his room, he questioned me as expected about why he couldn’t go home. I told him I loved him and would care for him if I could, but they were able to care for him better at the hospital. I told him I knew it was very hard for him and that I was sorry, but everyone wants him to get better and stronger so he can come home safely. That seemed to settle him for a bit. It felt like the right thing to say and I was glad it was received as well as could be.

I Found God today finding words to say to my dad.

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