So Many Prayers

In this morning prayers, I asked God for peace for my dad. On the way to the hospital in the car, my mom said the sweetest prayer also asking for peace of mind for my dad. When we got to his room, he was asleep. I noticed that he had a belt on and found the nurse to ask about it. She reported that during the night my dad was confused and kept trying to get out of bed on his own. He can’t bear his weight, so for safety he had a belt on connected to the bed. I was wondering what he would be like when he woke up. After a while, the nurse came in to check his vitals and woke him up. We were so glad to see him smile and say hello. He was pleasant and cooperative the whole time we were there. At home, I received phone calls and messages from so many people who are praying for my dad. Later in the day, he was moved to the rehab facility which is actually connected to the hospital, just up 2 floors. My mom and I headed back to bring him some things and to see how he was settling in. We prayed some more, thanking God for the good morning and continuing to ask for peace. My dad took the transition fairly well. He knew where he was and really trying hard to get things straight in his head. He was weary when we left and so were my mom and I. I think we shall all sleep well tonight.

I Found God today in so many prayers and peace for my dad.

2 comments on “So Many Prayers

  1. Dear Tammy, I read your posts everyday and I just Love them. I have been very concerned of the news on your Dad. I know how You feel and how concerning it is for You and your Mom. My Dad has been in and out of the hospital several times for months now, he is 90 and has Dementia it is up and down wIth him fluid in his lungs and Uti infections and on and on. Very scary and so concerning and not fun at all. I hope your Dad is feeling himself very soon and this gets better for both You and Your Mom and Siblings. I also read the daily reflections on line everyday and I so enjoy them. I Love Our Faith Tammy and Ben and I go to Mass every week and it’s My JOY and Bens as well. We Love our Parish here and have many Dear friends it is Wonderful. I will say Prayers for Your Dad and all of You. Take Care. Love, Paula


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