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Beautiful Mind

Today was my dad’s first full day of therapies. He had physical therapy for an hour in the morning and when my mom and I arrived, he had started his hour of speech therapy which includes cognition. The therapist was giving him a big test to get an idea of what areas needed the most improvement. Not surprising, he answered all the math problems immediately. I could see him trying so hard to work things out and remember things. Some of his answers were very creative. By the time he was done with that hour, he was exhausted. My mom and I were exhausted just listening to it. We let him sleep and went home to nap ourselves. I went back to the rehab in the afternoon with my son. By that time, my dad had spent another hour in occupational therapy that works on every day skills. We found him fast asleep. The nurse was in the next bed and said she was glad to see us and perhaps we could help wake him to take some medication. I guess she tried with not much success. We were able to rouse him enough for the nurse to do her thing, to chat a little, and for him to sip the Starbucks that my son brought him. I noticed he had on his pajamas that we brought him and that his hair was soft and clean. I asked him about that and he told me how people helped him wash and get his pj’s on. After seeing him very confused the past couple of days, I was glad he was able to recall to me what he actually did this afternoon.

I Found God today grateful for my dad’s beautiful mind.

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