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Party at Rehab

This morning I was shocked to receive a phone call from my dad in rehab. His first concern was if I was talking with the staff there about his medication. He wasn’t quite sure what they were giving him and it was different from what he usually takes. I assured him that I have been speaking with the doctors and nurses and staying informed. He then wanted to know when I was coming. My mom was more than exhausted this morning, but I promised my dad I would get there as soon as I could. Both my sisters came to the house, so I was able to go and spend a good long time with my dad. I talked with the doctor and was with my dad as he did physical therapy. He has improved so much even since yesterday. There is much work to be done and he seems willing to do it. Today is also my sister’s 60th birthday, so later this evening, we brought pizza and cake to the rehab to celebrate with my dad. Even though he said he really just wanted to sleep, we got him up for the festivities. He conversed, laughed, and told stories. There was a piano in the room, so my mom played while we all sang “Happy Birthday”. We got my brother on Facetime for a while until my dad had enough. We were all so happy to see my dad making improvements.

I Found God today in the improvements my dad is making.

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