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Encouraging Doc

I was able to have a good conversation with the doctor today about my dad’s stroke. He had a Hemorrhagic stroke – a blood vessel in his brain ruptured. But in the emergency room, they were able to give him a medication that stopped the bleeding. There is still a pool of blood in his brain that will take at least 6 weeks to be absorbed in his body. But, the doctor said that people who have this type of stroke recover better than those with a blood clot causing a blockage – which is what my mom experienced 4 years ago. He said that is why we continue to see small improvements in my dad every day, which we certainly have seen. It’s nothing short of miraculous to me. He said they are continuing to tweak the blood pressure medication, but not to worry – they will have it fine tuned before he leaves. The doctor’s last name is Kelly. My dad thought about this all day yesterday and was prepared to talk with him about his Irish background, which he did. This doctor is so gentle, knowledgeable, calm, patient, and pleasant. I don’t think I have ever encountered anyone quite like him.

I Found God today in my dad’s doctor.

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