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Staying Positive

Before I left visiting my dad this afternoon, the case worker stopped me to discuss discharge. She said she had been on vacation and just had a meeting with his team to review. They feel it would be best for him to stay longer than initially thought and has insurance authorization. I thought it sounded good, but I knew my dad would not. We both then went in to talk with him. She was great and presented it as they have the highest level of rehab available and he can stay longer than was first thought. Dad’s face dropped. She said no one stays against their will – she can set him up with therapies at home, but they are able to do more for him there. When she left, he said “I just want to go home!” I said I knew and everyone wants him to go home, but safely – we don’t want him to go too soon and then fall or something and now is back in the hospital. When we went back for dinner with him, he told my brother and mom that they want him to stay a few extra days to get stronger so nothing bad happens when he goes home. He said that made sense and was more positive about it than we anticipated. Another miracle moment.

I Found God today in my dad’s positive attitude.

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