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A Real Mask

We have been told to wear a face mask now when we go outside of the house for our essential needs to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. My parents and I watched some videos that described how to sew them and how to make some without sewing. My mom sewed for years and years and made most of our clothes as we were growing up. She even made a sports jacket for my dad and later a swimming suit for me. Last year, we brought her old sewing machine from the cabin and got it in good working order. Our plan was to get out the materials and sew some masks over the weekend. However, my mom started having stomach issues and just has not been up to sewing. We made some of the no-sew variety and my brother tried one when he went out today. He said that it worked ok. However, this evening, a friend who is an excellent seamstress let me know that she had made some for me. She came over and dropped them off. They are wonderful and will be very effective. I am so grateful for her friendship and her generosity.

I Found God today in my generous and talented friend.

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