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Solemn Palm Sunday

It was very strange to celebrate Palm Sunday today without being in a church. Earlier this week, our pastor sent an email with times for the Holy Week Masses to be live streamed. Then they would be available to watch later as well. He also included worship aids and ideas of how to celebrate at home with more meaning. We took his suggestion and made one of our tables into a home altar. The idea for Palm Sunday was to find a branch or large leaf to represent the palms and place it on the altar. I looked around outside for a while. The tree branches are still bare and the leaves on the ground were crumpled and wet. So, we decided to simply use the palms from last year. My parents wanted to see the Mass that was celebrated by Pope Francis, so we watched that one. Later I watched the homily given by the Deacon from our parish. Both of the men brought out the same theme. Most of Jesus’ friends left and/or betrayed Him in His time of great need. The challenge is for us not to leave Him. Especially during this time of great concern with chaos all around, and the inability to come together, we need to stay awake and vigilant. Let’s not let this opportunity slip through our fingers. I appreciated the message.

I Found God today with a faith boost to stay vigilant.

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