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Virtual Anniversary

Today my parent’s celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. My dad created a cute card for my mom with photos of them on their wedding day and now. They have been saying for days now that they can’t believe they have been married for so long – that is a lifetime. In the afternoon, we had a family Zoom get together. My sister gave us a tour of her garden just starting to grow and her chickens. Their neighbor has horses and we were happy to also see them from over the fence. It was entertaining and felt good to get “out of the house”. Before we ended the chat, everyone did their best to sing Happy Anniversary. Soon after that, I received an unexpected message from a priest friend who said that he had lifted up the family in prayer. What a blessing. It has been a long tradition for my parents to visit their favorite German restaurant for their anniversary. Today, we were glad that we were able to order and bring the meals home to enjoy. And there was so much food, we will be able to enjoy another meal besides. Even though it was a different way to celebrate, it was all good, and the expression of love of my parents and of family remains the same.

I Found God today celebrating my parents.

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