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Covid-19 Cadet Commencement

My parents and I were intrigued to see what the Air Force Academy graduation would look like today, so I found it online and we watched it live. The commencement was not held in the same location on the grounds, so it looked different immediately. The stage that held the speakers including Vice President Mike Pence was strategically prepared with the chairs set the appropriate distance apart. The seats for the cadets were orderly and placed 8 feet apart. They marched in also 8 feet apart so they were in perfect position. There were no other guests, no family or friends in person, though no doubt thousands watched the live stream. The speakers all noted the historical circumstances of the day and encouraged the graduates that the struggles they have faced in the recent months would surely make them stronger. I could see joy, hope, courage, and pride in the faces of the cadets as they listened and participated. They did not file across the stage to receive their diploma. But at the end, there was the ceremonial fly over by the Thunderbirds as the new graduates threw their hats into the sky. They stayed in their place and all put on a mask before they started mingling with one another. When they were interviewed, the young men and women were full of gratitude. They knew and understood their circumstances and were grateful for the officers who attended and helped arrange the ceremony. Although it was not what anyone had anticipated, they were grateful they actually had a ceremony. While their parents and friends could not attend, they were grateful for one another. I feel that having to be flexible and having this kind of grateful attitude will do them well and our country well.

I Found God today in the heart felt witnesses of a very different graduation.

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