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NASA Overload

In 1989, my dad published the first edition of his text book, “Introduction to Space: The Science of Space Flight”. At that time he was teaching at the local college and was unable to find an adequate text book on the topic. So he wrote his own and taught the course. He updated the book often, completing the 4th and final edition in 2011. Needless to say, he was an expert on the subject. When we learned that Spacex and NASA were sending astronauts to the Space Station, we found the NASA channel on the big TV and got comfortable. When the rocket launched, my dad and mom remembered the time when they witnessed a space shuttle launch at the Kennedy Space Center. The event was still as exciting as before. Over the next 2 days, we watched the launch and the docking of the Dragon with International Space Station. Then, after discussing it with during the family ZOOM session, we watched more rocket launches by Spacex. We were in awe of the radical development of technology, particularly the ability of the launch rockets to come back and land to be reused. Over the past couple days, we have seen amazing technology at work, safety for astronauts, world wide wishes of good will, and overwhelming views of our planet Earth. We are small indeed in the scope of the infinite universe.

I Found God today in the talents of those who create ways to explore our universe and give us a different vision for our world.

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