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Loving Marriage

My nephew and his girlfriend announced a while back that they were engaged to be married. They wanted to have the wedding this Spring and had been thinking about what that might look like. Due to the current circumstances, they decided to have the marriage ceremony in a park with only their parents in attendance. The wedding was this afternoon. I thought of them often during the day and chatted with my sister a little. She was of course a bundle of conflicting emotions as parent’s (especially mother’s) are at times like this. She shared a couple of pictures after the wedding. It was very low key, simple, and sweet. The love my nephew and his now wife have for each other was visible. In one photo, they are standing on a hill overlooking a beautiful scene. My dad remarked, “There they are looking into their future.” I am so happy for them as they begin a new life together and pray their love deepens over the years. They are planning on a big wedding next year for all their friends and family to celebrate together with them. We are all looking forward to that.

I Found God today as my nephew and his love got married.

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