New Pacemaker

Every 3 months for the past 5 years, my mom has used a special monitor to download her pacemaker information. The report goes to an office who contacts her cardiologist. Part of the data includes how long the life of the battery in the pacemaker has left. For the past year, it had been counting down the months. The cardiologist decided it was time to replace it and today was the day. According to the last instructions we had received, the hospital was not allowing anyone to stay with the patients. My sister arrived at the house bright and early this morning to stay with my dad while I took my mom. When we checked in and arrived on the floor, we were told that they had changed the rules and that 1 person could stay. I was so happy to hear that. The nurse’s name was Nenita – so close to my mom’s it was funny. I noticed she was wearing what appeared to be a miraculous medal. When I asked her about it, she told us the story of a miraculous healing she experienced. She had a large mass, but when it came time to do surgery, the mass was gone. She attributed it to all the prayers she and others had said. She wore the miraculous medal, one of St. Anthony, one of St. Jude, and a crucifix. She was a beautiful soul. The morning couldn’t have gone any better. They actually replace the pacemaker itself, not a battery. The cardiologist explained this was the least complicated surgery he performed. They actually got my mom in earlier than scheduled and the procedure itself last only about 45 minutes. They didn’t even use anesthesia. When my mom returned to the room, she said she didn’t feel a thing. Everyone was happy to hear that. She napped a bit, then ate breakfast like she hadn’t eaten for a week. Everything went very well and we even made it home in time for lunch. She is doing great. The technology and procedures make it pretty easy to do something that can seem pretty scary. The care and knowledge of the nurses and doctors made the worrisome surgery very non threatening.

I Found God today in my mom’s successful surgery.

2 comments on “New Pacemaker

  1. Wonderful news about your mom’s pacemaker and that “angel-nurse!” God puts people where He wants them! You are blessed to be where you are. We thank God for knowing you!


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