Appreciated Support

It has been a couple weeks since my mom’s procedure to replace her pacemaker and she has been doing her best to remain active without being too strenuous. Today she felt like trying out her Parkinson’s exercise class that is held live online. She moved best as she could. After the class, the group had some social time. The topic for discussion was, “What is one thing that you struggle most with Parkinson’s?” My mom’s answer was anxiety. Several other participants agreed. One gentleman in particular talked about how difficult it is for him to talk on the phone or even visit in person at times. It was hard to believe, as he always seems very chatty. It shows that you never really know what is going on inside another person. The instructor pointed out the value of talking with each another about these things so you don’t feel all alone. My mother completely agreed with that.

I Found God today in caring support for my mom.

2 comments on “Appreciated Support

  1. Tammy…I think you’re doing Great !! Stay Safe.

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