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Insight As a Child

My dad was going through some things today and came across a prayer of sorts that was written by my nephew when he was a child. It is a beautiful attempt to put his own spiritual insights at a very young age into words. I was amazed at how his message from years ago is relevant and encouraging in our current world. But, that is how God is.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I am one of his flock.
I like that we are all different.
Not on the outside, but on the inside.
It isn’t your looks that matter.
It depends on the way your soul acts.
With the Lord as my shepherd,
moving from field to field is going forward.
To reach a destination is your actions.
However it turns out, we are all equal.
Not on the outside but on the inside.
The Lord is my father – not on the outside, but on the inside.”

I Found God today in words of wisdom and truth from a child’s view.

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