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Wonders for the Soul

Before my parents started having major health issues, they used to spend about half their time at the cabin and half in the city during the summer. Since I have been with them almost 7 years now, we have made several day trips there and have stayed over a couple of nights now and again. Today we returned from the cabin after having stayed 5 full days. After the activity of packing and driving to a higher altitude, we have realized that it takes a full 24 hours to settle in, and then everyone starts feeling better. Especially during this crazy time, we are so grateful to have this little retreat to escape to. We are grateful for our good neighbors who took care of everything while we were away. Most of all, I am so glad my parents felt good enough to stay for so long and truly enjoy the peace of nature that the cabin has to offer. It does wonders for the soul.

I Found God today being able to enjoy several days of peaceful nature.

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