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Cabin Buddies

Today we had a visit from a friend who is also a neighbor at the cabin. He told the story of how he came to purchase his plot of land, which I had never heard. He and his family was living on the east coast. A friend of his had bought some property and was building a house on it. One summer, he and his family were on vacation, traveling in the vicinity and happened by the area without realizing it. They stopped and talked to a representative who knew their friend and took them by the house that was under construction. Of course, he offered to show them some plots that were available. He left them with a map and plans to connect the next day. That evening, he and his wife looked over the map and saw one plot of land that would interest them. But, they figured it would be sold and they would be off the hook. The next day, they went touring with the sales rep. Come to find out, the piece of land they were looking at was not sold and was exactly what they were looking for. So, having not at all been prepared to purchase a piece of land, that is exactly what they did. My parents bought their lot a couple of years later. Their friend was in the process of building his home at that time. He has been a good friend for all these 40 some years. I love how God places people in our lives.

I Found God today in God’s providence.

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