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Necessary Participation

Today for Mass, we watched our favorite priest who I used to work for. His words were relevant and powerful as usual – which is why we keep tuning in. The Gospel today was the familiar story of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, feeding over 5000 people. The priest brought out several meaningful points that grabbed my attention. When the disciples saw that it was getting late, they wanted Jesus to send the crowd away so they would be able to get something to eat. Instead, Jesus told them to feed the crowd. He put His disciples in charge. Even though they had seen Jesus perform many miracles, when it was their turn to participate, they panicked. None the less, they obeyed what Jesus prompted them to do and were, in fact, able to feed the multitude. The priest remembered hearing Martin Luther King and John Lewis when he was younger. He was impressed with their courage and boldness. Both men were ordained ministers and followed Christ’s example of peace and non-violence. Even though John Lewis was arrested multiple times and beaten several times as well, he remained vigilant and continued to participate in what God prompted him to do. God could indeed simply fix the wrongs in the world, but that is not what He does. We must participate and do our part, allowing goodness, love, and mercy.

I Found God today in encouragement to continue to participate in God’s plan.

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