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Not Scary

One of the scripture readings at Mass today was one of my favorites. It was that of Elijah hiding in a cave in fear of those who were seeking to kill him. God encouraged the prophet to come out of the cave and said that He would meet him. There was a strong wind, an earthquake, and a fire – all extremely powerful events. But God was not in any of those. When everything calmed down, there was a tiny whispering sound. Then Elijah went to the entrance of the cave to meet God. This was a stark reminder to me that, while God exists through all the chaotic events of life, I can be truly connected to Him in the quiet. When things around me seem crazy and out of control, I need to find a peaceful place and time where I can pray. God is not a big, scary, threatening being. Though He is the most powerful source I know of, He offers us peace and calm. The more I experience His peace, the more I trust Him and the less fearful I am.

I Found God today in a reminder of the peace He offers.

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