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Inspiring Faith and Strength

I visited a good friend today whose husband has Parkinson’s. She has been really struggling recently as he falls often and has difficulty with his daily activities. She has not wanted to move him into a nursing home, but has been very aware that his care is becoming more than she can provide on her own. Last week, his doctors said that based on what is happening at this point, it was time to start hospice care. This took my friend back and she naturally had a few days of sadness and lamenting. Since then, they have met with the team who will be coming in to the house to take care of specific needs. My friend said that her husband is very accepting of the whirlwind of people, the paperwork, and the help he will be receiving. This alone has helped her to trust that this is the right course of action and she is grateful for the help. Mostly, she depends on God to guide them through the struggles of life, this illness, and whatever the future holds. Her faith and strength are inspiring.

I Found God today visiting an inspiring friend.

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