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Everything Stays the Same

My mom’s friend came over today and we usually get all riled up talking about politics and the state of the world. I was reminded of the Bible class I had last studying the prophet Amos. He is known as the “social justice” prophet. He warned the people that their immoral behavior and the their disdain for the poor would lead to terrible consequences. Instead of listening to the prophet, some countries even threw him out. The countries were in fact annihilated. At the same time, God had mercy on the “remnant” who continued to follow Him. That all happened about 3000 years ago. Yet, here in our current times, there is civil unrest. The gap between the rich and the poor widens. Groups of people protest due to unfair treatment. At the same time, Christian groups who try to get involved with leadership are seen as “pushing their beliefs on others”. It’s as if nothing has changed. Societies rise and fall. And through it all there are still the faithful just trying to do the right thing. I pray for conversion for all and that God has mercy on His “remnant”.

I Found God today realizing He remains faithful.

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