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Wedding Bears

My nephew and his wife are in a nearby city making arrangements for his next military assignment. We had planned on meeting them and other family this evening at a park. Unfortunately, my mother is still not feeling well from her recently diagnosed diverticulitis – again. However, we were very happy that my nephew made the time and the drive to come over to the house. It was so nice to see him, especially since it’s unsure when we will see him next. He and my dad discussed the adventure of military moves among other things. My mom and dad have kept a pair of wedding teddy bears in their room for 18 years now. My nephew and my son made them for their 50th wedding anniversary. My mom thought it was a good idea to now pass them on to my nephew and his wife who were married just a few months ago. My nephew remembered making the bears when he was only 5 at the time. My mom said she hopes they might have them for their 50th anniversary.

I Found God today passing down loving wishes for a long marriage.

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