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Infinity and Beyond

We flipped through tv channels tonight and came across the new Cosmos series. I was surprised that my dad had not seen any of the new program. We found that we could start watching series 1 episode 1, which we did. My dad remembered the original Cosmos series by Carl Sagan in 1980. He taught the college course that went along with the videos. He went into his library and pulled out the original book complete with Carl Sagan’s autograph and a hand written note to my dad. Watching the first episode reminded me of the immensity that our universe is and how little we actually know about it. What’s more, our history as human beings is but a tick of the clock in space time. And yet, we struggle just to get along with one another. I realized that a bigger sense of belonging, a mind set to infinity and eternity is imperative to living peacefully in our little world.

I Found God today reflecting on the enormity of creation and the Creator.

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