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Stress to Serenity

My dad turned on the election results last night for a while and it became apparent that there wasn’t going to be a clear cut winner for the presidency. He got up this morning and tuned in to find out there was really not much change. It was a gorgeous day here and everyone felt pretty good, so we took the opportunity and decided to head up to the cabin. We had not been there in a few months due to illness and such. It was a smooth drive up meandering through the hills. When we arrived we sat down to lunch, looked out the huge windows at the beautiful scenery, and exhaled out the stress of the last few days. Everything was in good shape up there. We soaked in some sun and took a little walk around. My dad checked the presidential race before we left, but that was all. This little day trip was a much needed therapeutic break from the craziness that can overtake our thoughts and mood. We are so blessed to have such a getaway.

I Found God today changing my focus from stress to serenity.

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