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Covid Scare

A few days ago, my son told me he was home sick with a fever and congestion. He seems to always get sick around this time of year with the same kind of thing, but to be safe and responsible he got a Covid-19 test that day. I had just been with him 2 days before looking at a house he is wanting to buy. Of course, we both wore our wonderful masks that a friend of mine made that include the N95 material. A couple days after the test, he received the results that he did indeed have the virus. By this time, he could feel it was difficult to take in a deep breath. I sent out the prayer requests and talked with a friend who is a doctor. Per his recommendation, I started wearing a mask around the house to be safe and got a Covid-19 test as well. Needless to say, the whole situation caused a lot more stress, even though my parents and I still felt fine physically. I tried to keep reminding myself that this little blip in life was already handled by God and to trust in Him. I received the results today that came back negative. My older son who was out here for a visit not long ago also received a negative test result today. I just about cried as I thanked God profusely. I then thanked all the people I had asked to pray for us. I am incredibly grateful for friends and pray-ers that I can count on. And I am especially grateful that my son is feeling better. Now we can all move on as “normal” again.

I Found God today grateful for His abundant blessings in a coronavirus scare.

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