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Isaiah Has Foretold

Tonight in my Bible class, we studied parts of the book of Isaiah – the Oracles of the Nations. These passages are the prophet’s warning to all the nations of the know world at that time. He outlines the destruction of each country and the reasons. For the most part, the nations have been prideful. The have cast God aside and made themselves the most important entity, which is a little ironic as they do fall one by one, just as Isaiah prophesied. I couldn’t help but thinking of and praying for our own country – especially on this eve of election day. I recognize that our government is swelled with pride and it seems that each person is looking out only for their own interests. Isaiah goes on to foretell the destruction of earth and all it’s in habitants. So, as much as each nation believes in their own power, they will fall as well. Where’s the good news? Isaiah describes the heavenly banquet that awaits those who have remained faithful. We have a choice in the matter. Since the beginning of time, God has poured out His Mercy on us as He laid out the path for eternal life. It certainly isn’t easy, but putting God first and following His loving plan will secure our relationship with Him and our salvation.

I Found God today in scary and reassuring prophecies.

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