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Righteousness, Justice, Peace

Tonight in my Bible class, we continued our study of the prophet Isaiah. After the tumultuous week our country has experienced regarding the election, the words from the prophet rang true. Time and time again, Isaiah exhorts the people not to put their trust in men, nations, governments, but to place their trust in God. He reminds those who will listen to him that those who rule without God will be brought down, but those who continue to trust and rely on God will be saved. I am always amazed how things in the world, in history, change and yet remain the same. In the end, Isaiah talks about a king who will rule with righteousness and justice. God promises that, ” . . . the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness , quietness and trust forever.” Isaiah 32:17. I did my civic duty and voted my conscience best as I could. Regardless of the “winner” or “loser”, I will keep doing my best to rely on God.

I Found God today in a reminder that regardless of the political stage, I need to rely on Him for righteousness, justice, and peace.

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