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Why Does God Allow Evil

In my Bible class tonight, we read through the book of the prophet Habakkuk. He raises the question to God one that we have all wrestled with since the beginning of time – Why does God allow evil? Habakkuk cried out to God since from his perspective, evil was flourishing and good was dwindling. He asked God why did it seem that the people who disregard Him live comfortably, while those who try to remain faithful struggle and even suffer. We could ask the same thing in our time right now. God answered Habakkuk that He was in fact doing His work, His will in ways that were unknown to Habakkuk, and that even if He told him, he wouldn’t believe or understand it. God encouraged Habakkuk to be patient and to remain faithful. He said that the righteous would suffer in his time, but those who persecuted them would be persecuted themselves. In the end, Habakkuk makes the conscience decision to continue to follow and rely on God. History tells us that in Habakkuk’s time, just when it seemed that the wicked would prevail, they were destroyed themselves. The take away for me was that God’s ways are higher than mine and I cannot understand them; I must patiently endure and trust in God and pray for those who do not; and that God always keeps His promises. I can either rely on God, or rely on myself. And I know that trying to do things on my own in my way doesn’t always work out so good.

I Found God today in a reminder to rely on Him.

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