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A Happy V-Day

We have been excitedly waiting for this day for a couple of weeks. This afternoon my parents and I headed over to the local hospital for their coronavirus vaccinations. After check-in, we walked into the conference room converted into a clinic. We were greeted by a friendly nurse who took each parent right over to a station where they rolled up their sleeves and got the shot. Then we were shown to some chairs to sit and wait for 15 minutes to make sure there were no adverse reactions. As we made our way, one man who also received the vaccine gave my mom a thumbs up. The mood in the room was light and joyful as everyone was so happy to have received this long awaited life line. The friendly nurse monitored and chatted with all those waiting. When our time was up, she gave us some instructions and the information cards and we headed home. Neither of my parents had any problem with the shot. Tonight I looked at the points of injection, which were so small I had a hard time finding them. For all the anticipation of this day, it was rather anti-climactic, which I am sure is a good thing. With so many people still waiting to receive the vaccine – myself included – I am so grateful that my parents were able to and have done well with it. One dose down, one to go.

I Found God today as my parents received their first coronavirus vaccine.

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