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Outside Communicating

There was a lot of outside communication going on here today. My mom had her online exercise class this morning. Part of the class was working on cognition. Today this was done through artwork. One of the leaders gave the group step by step instructions on what shape to draw where on a piece of paper. At then end, it was supposed to be a picture, such as a fish or a cat. It really got them thinking and laughing. The class always finishes with social time to touch base with everyone. Later in the morning, we talked to my brother on Facetime. In the afternoon, my dad and I went for a walk and chatted with people along the way. In the evening, my son called for his weekly chat. Then I talked to a friend on the phone for a while – actually talked – not texted. My dad decided since he talked to one son, he would call the other as well. It was uplifting to have real conversations with real people.

I Found God today having lots of outside communication.

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