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Creating Joy

It is difficult to keep up a positive attitude – especially when we are still unable to move about and visit as we want. I read a short reflection this morning, “Surround yourself as often as possible with joyful people. Spend your time in places that encourage your own joyfulness.” by Allen Hunt from the book Nine Words. I realized that I am actually reading this book – slowly. But that in itself made me smile. I thought about how we are trying to follow this advice under the current circumstances and I think we are doing what we can. We connect Facetime and Zoom with the immediate family. We make occasional phone calls with other friends and family. At least once a week we have a visitor in person. We have outings – just drives to get out and see something enjoyable. Even though we are very careful and visits aren’t exactly how we want them to be, we still make the most of them. And that brings us all joy.

I Found God today reflecting on creating joy.

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