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Virtual Ice Cream

During our family Zoom time, we usually discuss the weather since everyone is scattered around the country. Today we were experiencing rain/snow here, my travelling brother just left his campsite in Death Valley where the temperatures were in the high 80’s, and my son on the East coast was in the 70’s, which is unusual. But, it worked well as their favorite local ice cream stand opened yesterday marking the first day of Spring. They planned on getting ice cream after the call. My granddaughter was celebrating by building an ice cream shop on a computer game. I asked what flavors of ice cream she would have. She said vanilla, chocolate, mint, and strawberry. I loved that she threw mint in there with the traditional flavors. I asked if I could come to her shop and get some ice cream. She said it’s on the computer, but I could use my imagination. So, I did remember going to the ice cream stand with them when I would visit and it made me smile.

I Found God today visiting family and in fond memories.

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