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We have been trying to find a good time to visit with my dad while he is still getting settled into his new surroundings. It seems he has been getting up at night and wandering or rearranging his room. If we go to visit mid-morning, he’s fast asleep. If we go later in the afternoon, he may be napping again and we reach sundowning time. But, the people there continue to tell us that he is doing well, that it’s normal to get more confused after a move, and that it will take some time. I had a good conversation with the nurse and the physical therapist yesterday who have been aware of the situation. We talked about how to tweak his bedtime routine. And my dad will be receiving physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy 5 days a week, which I was happy to hear. The hope is getting him engaged and moving will keep him more awake during the day and tired to sleep more during the night. This morning my mom and I made it up to his place a bit earlier. He was in fact a little more awake and a little more lucid. I got out the ice cream I had stashed in his freezer and he and my mom enjoyed a treat together. He did get tired and nod off toward the end of the visit, but was able to rouse himself for lunch. It was a nice morning. We continue to be grateful for the place and encouraged by the people.

I Found God today seeing my dad a little more awake and aware.

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