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Story of Acceptance

I was happy to have a long conversation with a good friend today. She told me about many ways she has found God since the last time we talked. My favorite story happened during one of her camping trips. She and her people were camped on one side of a narrow part of a lake. On the opposite side was a group of Muslims wearing their traditional clothing. My friend had wished they were camped next to them as she wanted to talk with them. She recognized the tendency to be quick to judge and wanted to move past that. One day, she took two of the kids out for a swim to the other side of the narrow waterway. When they reached the other side, they stood at the water’s edge and waved so their mom knew they made it ok. As they started to head back, one of the Muslim children dragged out her boogie board and asked if she could join them. She was welcomed and my friend asked her name. It was Heba. My friend asked what it meant. The reply was “gift from God”. As the group enjoyed playing in the water together, the little boy told his new friend that he liked her swimming suit. She was also wearing the burka and was mostly covered but the little boy, who is being raised in a devout Christian home, just saw it as a swim suit. The story reminded me that at our core, we are all God’s children and is possible and necessary for us to treat each other as such.

I Found God today in a story of acceptance.

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