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Early Morning Peace

I had a short visit with my dad today as an employee had tested positive for COVID. The executive director called last night to inform us of the situation and that visitations would be limited. However, it was scheduled to have my dad’s pacemaker information to be downloaded and sent to the doctor. Because this was necessary, I was allowed to bring the monitor in this morning and take care of it. I found my dad in the onsite gym working on the computer with the speech therapist. He was all cleaned up and looking good. He was patient while we waited for the monitor to do it’s thing and he was fascinated by the technology. I’m not sure he knew who I was, but when I held his hand, there was a spark of familiarity. To be fair, I didn’t actually introduce myself as I knew I was unable to stay. When I was finished, the therapist suggested they find the exercise class. My dad said he didn’t like doing exercise, which I have heard plenty of times. She encouraged him to go with her and give it a try and they would leave if they didn’t like it. He agreed and followed her down the hall after I said good-bye. It was good to see my dad content and agreeable. I went out into the beautiful sunshine and remembered there are hiking trails nearby. So, I hiked for about an hour. I stopped every now and again to take in the sunshine, the cool breeze, the quiet, and the scenery. I was grateful for the peace.

I Found God today in early morning peace.

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