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Just a Sprinkle

Yesterday, my sister and mom went to visit my dad. Evidently he had a bad night and didn’t sleep much. So, when they came for their visit, he was fast asleep. The caregivers were somehow able to get him up and outside for a brief period of time, but I guess he was pretty out of it. He couldn’t keep his eyes open and said he was dizzy. The nurse ended up taking him back into the building in a wheelchair so they could keep a closer eye on him. You just never know what you’re going to walk into. My sister brought some things along to talk about and look at, as well as a bottle of Lourdes holy water. Even though their time together was short, my sister assured me that my mom was able to bless my dad with the Lourdes water. This morning, my brother was able to see my dad and even brought his dog to say hello. He reported that my dad said he felt like he was going to die yesterday, but was feeling much better today. I can always count on Our Lady of Lourdes.

I Found God today in the blessing of holy water.

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