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To Love Them

The other day, my son and I were talking about his dogs. The first dog they got is calm and sweet and almost never gives them trouble. Then they got another puppy. She’s the opposite and is quite crazy. I told my son that I didn’t understand why they got another dog, when the first one was perfect. He responded that their first child is perfect, but they had more anyways. I’ve been pondering that statement. Today in church, we were reminded that October is Respect Life Month and were encouraged to say extra prayers especially for the unborn, aborted babies, and their parents. I began wondering again why God would create tiny new lives that would be aborted, knowing that would be their end. Then I thought about my son’s statement and the answer came to me – to love them. God is love and to Him, all that He creates is from love and for love. And they – and we – are all perfect to Him.

I Found God today remembering He creates in, from, and for love.

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