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Strange Mail Mix-ups

This evening when we got home from being out, I checked the front door for any deliveries. There was a small package on the ground. I have made sure I have extra bottles of Lourdes water to take along with me, or to give to other people. I ordered some about a month ago and yesterday was wondering where it was, or if I had done something wrong. I thought maybe that’s what was in the package. Upon further inspection, I saw it wasn’t for our household. So, on my walk to the mailbox, I brought the package to it’s rightful owner. The man was grateful and said he also had received a delivery for the incorrect address. He asked if I lived at that address, but it wasn’t mine. I continued to the mailboxes and as I scooped my few envelopes out, I noticed a small box on the ground. I figured perhaps I would need to make another delivery to one of our neighbors. However, this box was addressed to me. Sure enough, it was the bottle of Lourdes water I had ordered. I laughed out loud and smiled all the way home.

I Found God today receiving holy water after strange mail mix-ups.

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