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Close Family

Yesterday my mom wanted to take a walk as the weather was mild. I wanted to get out somewhere other than around the housing complex. Then I remembered my son and his family moved into a house that is directly across the street from a beautiful “Reflection Pond” owned by the neighboring church. We went over to my son’s place and picked up my granddaughter who walked around the pond with us. The ducks in the pond followed us around for a while, probably hoping for a handout. My granddaughter said she loved ducks and nature. On one side of the pond was the sign from the church saying the pond was a place to find peace. My granddaughter said she always feels at peace when she is walking outside. When we returned to their house, we sat out on the porch for a while. At one point I realized at the end of the row of the chairs was my granddaughter, next to her was her mother, I was next in line, and my mom was at the end. There were 4 generations represented.

Today we celebrated my son’s’ birthdays. We had many family members over for food, fun, and lots of laughter. When I moved so far away from my son and his family, I never dreamed that we would be all together again to enjoy planned birthday parties, or spontaneous walks outside. It is such a blessing having both my boys and family so close.

I Found God today in the blessing of close family.

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