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Meaningful Discoveries

A while ago, I put together a notebook with some pens and pencils and put them on the table in my dad’s room. The hope was that he would write down some thoughts or note. After a week or so, I wrote a small I Love You message on the first page of the still empty notebook. When we were visiting my dad today, one of his therapists asked if we saw the note she had written. We had not actually been in his room yet. When I went in, I read the note:
“Today your dad stood for 10 minutes in the bathroom where he independently, without my help, washed his face and hands and shaved with his electric razor. Then we walked for 12 minutes without a break right after. I was so proud and wanted to share. I also had him drink a water bottle from the fridge. He seems to prefer it room temperature.”
She was right, my dad is always cold and doesn’t like the cold water right out of the fridge. It meant so much to me that she would take the time to write the note to bring us some joy and made an observation about the cold water. We also found on his table a bulletin from the local Catholic Church. I had reached out to them to see if they had someone who would be able to bring my dad Holy Communion. The bulletin was the tell-tale sign that someone had been there. I was so happy for that as well.

I Found God today in meaningful discoveries.

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