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Caring Dentist

Last week at the veterans day event, my dad smiled big and we noticed a gap in his teeth. I talked to the nurse and got him set up with the dentist who visits on a regular basis. It just happened that he was scheduled to come today. I actually met him as I was signing in so was able to chat with him a bit. Then I went to find my dad. He was doing his favorite activity – napping. I got him awake and in his comfy chair in his room for the appointment. The dentist was super nice and patient and knew just how to interact with my dad. It was quite an experience. They did some cleaning and took x-rays and everything. My dad was done by the end of the x-rays. Luckily so were they. The hole in his smile was a missing crown. Who knows what happened to it – probably got knocked out in one of his falls. The dentist will come back in a couple weeks to treat some cavities with a topical and prep the tooth to make a new crown. My dad got super confused about appointments – even asked about his sister’s appointment, but he did ok. I was so grateful to have this service available and that I met yet another team of caring people. Of course, the ordeal tired out my dad even more, so I got him comfortable to continue his nap when I left.

I Found God today grateful for a caring dental team.

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