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Unrealized Plan

My dad’s facility was taking some of the residents to a Christmas play tonight. I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea to take my dad or not. I wondered if doing so would just feed his confusion and make it worse. When my mom and I visited yesterday and talked about it, my mom said she wanted to go with him, which did surprise me. So, we planned on meeting at dad’s place, getting him on the bus, and going to the play too. However, my mom was exhausted today after church and a doctor’s appointment, so we decided not to go. My mom was sad and hoped she wasn’t letting my dad down. I assured her that he will not likely remember tomorrow whether he goes or not or if we go or not. I feel like we have been through so many situations that I am trusting God more to work things out. I’m trying not to push my own ideas as if I know what’s right all the time. If our plans don’t go through the way I think they should, I’m sure it is in our best interest.

I Found God today trusting in His plans.

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